Physiotherapists will develop a graduated treatment program to help you mobilise with or without a prosthesis starting with bed mobility and transfers and progressing to walking and functional activities as you improve.

Rehabilitation Following Hospital Discharge

You may be discharged from hospital as early as two weeks post-operation. It is important to continue with your exercise program.

Although all physiotherapy treatment plans will be individualised, in general, physiotherapy intervention programs would include:

  • Amputee strengthening program which could including a variety of exercises including active upper and lower limb extremity strengthening
  • Functional exercises for the upper and lower limbs
  • Pre-gait training exercises
  • Weight bearing and balance exercises
  • Pelvic and trunk exercises
  • Gait training
  • Injury prevention and management strategies

If appropriate you will also be assessed for an artificial limb (prosthesis). If a prosthesis is deemed appropriate the physiotherapist will educate and assist you with the process.